Savannahs are friendly and sociable cats, that can get along very well with other household pets. They show their affection by eagerly giving a welcoming "head-butt" where they literally bump heads with you to say hello!. Most Savannah Cats are very outgoing and like to be petted. Due to the long legs the Savannah is an elegant jumper and like the serval often performs high leaps straight in the air. The Savannah loves water and enjoys a bath. If given the choice, a Savannah might enjoy a tub filled with water over the more usual cat games. Just like other cats Savannahs can get along with young children and other household pets.YOU CAN CONTACT US ONLY BY MAIL , SO THAT YOU AND US WILL HAVE A BETTER AND SIMPLE SATISFACTION , WE HOPE YOU WILL REPLY IN OUR MAIL; or lo

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