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agnes for adoption Posted on 8/28/2016
agnesforadoptionmy name is agnes. I am good cat with kid, other cat and dogs. Facts about Agnes Breed: abyssinian Color: Black & White Or Tuxedo Age: Kitten Sex: Female Hair: Short
alex for adoption Posted on 8/29/2016
alexforadoptionmy name is alex. I am handsome cat, kitten and vaccinated. Facts about Alex; Breed: american curl Color: Black (Mostly) Age: Kitten Sex: Male Hair: Short
Basil for adoption Posted on 9/2/2016
BasilforadoptionMy name is Basil. I am nice boy, kitten and house trained Facts about Basil; Breed: Egyptian Mau Color: Black & gray Age: Kitten Sex: Male Hair: Short
Lovely white tiger cubs and cheetah cubs available Posted on 1/8/2014
Lovelywhitetigercubsandcheetahcubsavailablewe have this lovely tiger cubs available,both white tiger cubs, cougar cubs, Cheetah cubs and normal orange tiger cubs(Siberian tigers). They are very healthy baby for a home. They are very healthy an
Grey for adoption Posted on 8/30/2016
Greyforadoptionmy name is grey. I am nice boy, kitten, house trained Facts about Grey; Breed: Bengal Color: White Age: Kitten Sex: Male Hair: Unknown
Fiona for adoption Posted on 8/29/2016
FionaforadoptionMy name is Fiona. I am good cat, beautiful and kitten. I am already house trained Facts about Fiona; Breed: American Shorthair Color: Black (Mostly) Age: Kitten Sex: Female Hair: Short
Golden Girl Posted on 9/10/2011
Siberian kittens  Posted on 8/25/2014
SiberiankittensPure bred Siberian red tabby colour-point kittens(5 months).
two folded ear calico kittens Posted on 6/26/2013
twofoldedearcalicokittens2 folded ear calico kittens..scotish strait eared kitten..all females..looking for homes..i rather sell them discounted to pet papers.all shots wormed..400
Tamed baby tiger cubs and cheetahs for sale Posted on 3/24/2012
Tamedbabytigercubsandcheetahsforsalecubs for sale
kitten for sale Posted on 7/16/2014
kittenforsalea kitty persion for sale
Belina for adoption Posted on 9/1/2016
BelinaforadoptionMy name is Belina. I am beautiful girl, adult and playful personality. I am already vaccinated Facts about Belina; Breed: Devon Rex Color: brown Age: Adult Sex: Female Hair: Short
Brtish Short haired Kittens Posted on 9/26/2012
BrtishShorthairedKittensHealthy, happy, playful, full pedigree British Shorthair kittens, home reared, fed on Royal Canin and given the best possible start in life. My kittens come with full pedigree, written reco
MUST SELL ALL BENGALS Posted on 8/19/2012
tigger for adoption Posted on 8/29/2016
tiggerforadoptionmy name is tiger. I am good boy, young and good with kids. Facts about Tigger; Breed: american wirehair Color: White Age: Young Sex: Male Hair: Short
Sweetie pie looking for adoption Posted on 8/29/2016
SweetiepielookingforadoptionMy name is sweetie pie. I am beautiful girl, adult and house trained. Facts about Sweetie Pie; Breed: American Shorthair Color: Tortoiseshell Age: Adult Sex: Female Hair: Short
Bobby for adoption Posted on 8/29/2016
BobbyforadoptionI am bobby. I am handsome cat. playful, cheer and house trained. I am looking for new parent. call me now. Facts about Bobby; Breed: American Bobtail Color: Orange Or Red Age: Kitten Sex: Male
Kitten Posted on 12/19/2011
KittenCream bicolor, male unaltered. 7months old. Very friendly, soft and cuddly. Quiet, litterbox trained, good with children and other
Alex for adoption Posted on 8/30/2016
Alexforadoptionmy name is Alex. i am already clean, vaccinated, house trained. I am handsome and playful personality. Facts about Alex; Breed: bombay Color: Black Age: Adult Sex: Male Hair: Short
wanted big cats Posted on 7/20/2014
wantedbigcatsI am looking for a big cat not a small one. I am looking for a tiger. Serval. For a fair price I live in the bay area. I have had many kittens before bottled fed though never really kept any but my Hi
Well tamed tiger and cheetah cubs available Posted on 9/3/2012
WelltamedtigerandcheetahcubsavailableWell tamed tiger and cheetah cubs available for sale at affordable prices
Cute Persian kitten and American kitten looking fo Posted on 8/20/2011
A lovely siamese looking for a new home Posted on 3/19/2013
Alovelysiameselookingforanewhomei have Siamese Kittens for sale.
adorable tiger cubs  Posted on 5/2/2012
adorabletigercubswe are looking for a nice and loving family to give out our tiger cubs to them
Youji for adoption Posted on 8/30/2016
Youjiforadoptionmy name is youji. I am good boy, kitten and house trained Facts about Youji; Breed: Birman Color: Orange Or Red Tabby Age: Kitten Sex: Male Hair: Short